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Doctors Say Eat A Velithya a Day!   
12:09am 30/09/2006
  On this day in 1937 the velithya was discovered by a raiding hoard that got lost on their way to a dungeon.

The Velithya, a pale gold berry in its natural state, is more commonly known as 'chameleon fruit' due to its ability to appear as other things, such as papaya or RPG heroes.

It is a favourite food of the greater black-dappled winged bishounen (wingus belligante) and thus extremely difficult to gather as the greater black-dappled winged bishounen is usually possessive and always well-armed. Still, hundreds of explorers risk their lives each year to pick the fruit as it is said to 'taste better than chocolate' and be 'more addictive than pocky dipped in absinthe and twice as trippy'.

Trivia - Clips of the Iron Chef Velithya Battle are reputed to be as effective as holy water when fighting against vampires.
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