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"Slither to sea, speaking in tongues"   
11:26am 29/03/2007
  I've been talking to a couple of my American friends about this lately - contrary to what Fox News may or may not be saying there's so far been absolutely no serious talk over here of resolving the hostage situation in Iran with force and certainly nothing at all about declaring war.

Given Britain's main aim is to get our people out in one piece declaring war would be rather counter-productive.

Two things about this situation are providing me with a twisted sort of amusement, though. One is that the tabloids keep trying to compare President Ahmadinejad with Hitler and it's not really working because the word "Ahmadinejad" doesn't really play nice with the English language.

"Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Ahmadinejad" just isn't as catchy.

The other is the continued focus on Leading Seaman Faye Turney. Which is also infuriating, mind, because it's not the good sort of focus, it's the "Oh no, woman in peril!" sort, which is an insult to her and to the fourteen other sailors and marines who are being ignored because they're men and assumed to be able to hold up much better.

But it is funny to watch it also trip-up Iran, as their ingrained chauvinistic chivalry demands that they too treat her with kid gloves.
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